Thomas "Cyangmou" Feichtmeir, artist


Thomas Feichtmeir (Cyangmou) established the art direction for the game. He designed the paperdolling system and the terrain for the game. He also drew most of the tilesets.

Specializing in pixel art, Thomas started working as a professional artist and animator in 2012, and always had a strong interest in the middle ages and steampunk. He worked on many other games, including:

  • Tower 57
  • Gestalt: Steam and Cinder
  • Blasphemous
  • X-Men: Battle of the Atom

Ben "Wolfenoctis" Adendorff, artist


Ben Adendorff (Wolfenoctis) has made the majority of the art assets of the game: He did most of the animations and designed a large part of the UI, as well as the majority of the characters. He started his career as a freelance pixel artist in 2014, specializing in fantasy and steampunk. He has also worked on A Bastard's Tale and is now working on Gestalt: Steam and Cinder.


Valerii "Thu" Kim, artist


Valerii Kim made most of the smaller props for the game. He has worked both as a pixel artist and a 3D modeler since 2011, and his art features both dark and light fantasy. He made the Tales of Jobutara Kingdoms mod for minecraft.


Artyom Brullov, artist


Artyom Brullov worked on the environmental art and the UI of Zodiac Legion. He also drew some of the illustrations. Artyom started working as a freelance pixel artist in 2017, with a strong focus on scifi and fantasy, and has adapted to very different artstyles.


Maciej Bogucki, writer


Maciej Bogucki is the writer and level designer of Zodiac Legion. He has worked both as a translator of English, and a writer since 2015. His background includes an in-depth knowledge of the computer RPG genre and its history, as well as many years of pen and paper roleplaying experience in the seat of the gamemaster. Maciej formerly worked with Inner Void Interactive on Icy and Chef, and is currently also involved with Wormwood Studios.

Alcibiade Minel, composer


Alcibiade composed all the music for the game. As an XCOM fan (and suffering from motion sickness when playing 3D games!), a 2D tactical game was the perfect project for him. He designed and implemented adaptive music and spatialized sound effects (using FMOD) for a more immersive soundscape.


Alexandre "Galdred" Boureau, developer


I am the developer of Zodiac Legion, and have been working full time on the game since 2014, with some freelance assingments in between. I also take care of most of the unassigned work (marketing, community management, production, game design) for the game. I have been obsessed with tactical games since Laser Squad on Atari, and after playing X-COM and Knights of the Chalice, I felt compelled to make a fantasy X-COM game. I develop in lua and C/C++, using the moai engine.